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Hoang Su Phi – Ha Giang gold season in September

Hoang Su Phi – Ha Giang gold season in September

Dubbed as a paradise of the Northeast, the Dong Van stone plateau and Ha Giang go into the hearts of tourists with mesmerizing images of people. Different from a romantic Ha Giang pink color of Buckwheat flowers in October, Hoang Su Phi (Ha Giang) in September wears a yellow shirt with the smell of heaven and ground emanating from the vast terraced fields.

Amazing before the beauty of the golden terraced rice fields in Hoang Su Phi district

Ha Giang arrives in August and September when the land is fragrant and sweet. The fields on the Dong Van rock plateau are covered with an eye-catching green and yellow color. These days, to admire the huge paddy fields in Ha Giang, visitors can follow the locals to travel to the famous Hoang Su Phi field.

Ha Giang field changes color in September – Photo: Internet

The road to Hoang Su Phi viewed from above – Photo: Internet

Hoang Su Phi is a district in Ha Giang province, about 110km to the west of the city center, this is the destination that attracts the most tourists every season when the rice season matures. Coming to Hoang Su Phi in September, everywhere is a bright yellow color that is gradually turning to yellow, a signal of a bumper season. You can admire the terraced fields in Ho Thau, Nam Ty, Thong Nguyen, Ban Phung communes …

Terraced fields in Nam Ty commune – Photo: Tran Minh Long

You can see more beautiful destination in Ha Giang Famous location

Hoang Su Phi district is located in the upstream of Chay river, the largest and oldest river of Dong Van rock plateau as well as Ha Giang. With more than 199 villages evenly divided in communes, although the local people’s lives still face many difficulties, but the people here always have a friendly attitude towards tourists whenever they visit. With a unique ethnic culture blended from many ethnic regions, coming to Ha Giang in September, in addition to tourism enjoying beautiful scenes, visitors are also immersed in the exotic and diverse cuisine here.

The golden season in the fields of Ha Giang – Photo: Internet

In addition to Hoang Su Phi fields, visitors can also diversify Ha Giang tourism choices in September with other destinations such as watching the sunset on the field in Quan Ba, watching the sunrise in Xin Man or Meo Vac, or take your backpack and travel to admire the clear Blue Que Que river from above. A unique cultural spot when traveling in Ha Giang, called “fair market” often meets at a fixed time and place. The most is the fair in Quan Ba district with over 8 locations including: Tung Vai fair, 5 days a meeting, Quyet Tien market meeting on Saturday morning, …

Traveling to Ha Giang this September, visitors will have new experiences when coming to the upland land, which is not only famous for the beautiful vascular triangle flower season but also marked in the hearts of tourists. The rice terraces are wide and wide, eye-catching. If you have any questions, please contact me! We have some schedules for you trip!




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