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Nho Que – A beautiful tourist destination

Nho Que – A beautiful tourist destination

Nho Que – A beautiful tourist destination

Located at the foot of the rugged mountains of Ha Giang, Nho Que river flows smoothly all year round between cliffs, forming a clear green border between Ma Pi Leng pass and Sam Pun road.

Ma Pi Leng Pass overlooking the Nho Que River is a road that is nicknamed “legendary” by professional drivers because it has a special slope and bends. At this point, you will be zoomed in to the distance to see the whole mountain landscape, because Ma Pi Leng Pass has a height of 1,200 m.

Today there are a number of boat services on the Nhoque river. However, the road from the provincial road to the site is quite difficult with many zigzag bends.

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On the boat you can see more beautiful landscape of sky, river alley, waterfall, fresh river and rock mountains. You need spend about 1 hour for this trip.

If you have come to Ha Giang, surely this will be a great place to experience and explore. Hope you will have enjoyable experiences during your trip. If you have any questions, please contact us. We have some suggestion for you trip.



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