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Lung Cu flag tower – The northern most point of vietnam

Lung Cu flag tower – The northern most point of vietnam

The S-shaped Vietnam has four poles: the easternmost, the northernmost, the westernmost, the southernmost. And the north pole located in Lung Cu Commune, Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province. Coming to Ha Giang, tourists shouldn’t ignore the Lung Cu flag tower, where the head of the country has long been a sacred image in the heart of every Vietnamese land. Let’s take a look at the following experiences for a meaningful trip to the North of Vietnam.

About Lung Cu flag tower

It is a national flag pole located at the top of Lung Cu, also known as the Dragon mountain. It is about 1,470 meters above sea level, in Lung Cu Commune, Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province, the northernmost point of Vietnam. Lung Cu flag tower has a long history.

The flag pole is based on the Hanoi flagpole pattern, but with smaller size. The architecture is designed in octagonal style, the flagpole is attached with 8 blue stone reliefs illustrating the periods of the country’s history and customs and habits of the people of Ha Giang province.

To go up to the top of the flag pole you need to go through 389 stone steps. Here you will admire the beauty of the panoramic Dong Van stone plate as a masterpiece of creativity.

Special things when visiting the Lung Cu flagpole

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Lung Cu flag tower is exploited as an attractive tourist destination with many visitors. When you come here you will learn more besides admiring the beauty of Ha Giang. From the top of the flagpole, you will see two lakes below, located near the same symmetry. The people here like two lakes like dragons eyes, creating a unique painting. One side is Lo Lo Chai village, the other is the village of Then Pa.

But especially in the heart of the flagpole there is a spiral staircase of 140 steps. Following the narrow passageway, there will be some light passing through the small doorway, and those who walk to the top of the flagpole will have a strange feeling. Stretching to the top of the flagpole you will feel a sense of national pride.

When you travel here, you also have the opportunity to bring the red flag of Vietnam flying on the flagpole as a memorial to the journey. Visiting the flagpole you should remember to bring the camera to save the beautiful memories here.

What to eat when visiting Lung Cu, Ha Giang?

Have come to the land of Ha Giang, you shouldn’t miss some delicious dishes here. The first is “thang den”, this is a popular cakes in Ha Giang. Many people mistakenly think this is the driftwood of the lowland but it has a completely different way of making from glutinous rice.

Then you can enjoy a few other delicious dishes such as: “thang co”, grilled mash, mixed vegetable, egg rolls, baked rice cake, porridge “au tau”… Coming to Lung Cu flagpole and visiting Ha Giang will bring you many unforgettable meaning. So you should spend a lot of time exploring the beauty of North Vietnam.

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