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Ma Pi Leng pass – One of four great mountain passes

Ma Pi Leng pass – One of four great mountain passes

Ma Pi Leng pass one of the “four great mountain passes” in the mountains of northern Vietnam, next to O Quy Ho Pass, Khau Phau Pass and Pha Din Pass, It has become an indispensable destination in high tourist route. To overcome this pass, you should prepare yourself a full bag and some experiences.

About Ma Pi Leng pass

Located on the Happiness Road connecting Dong Van and Meo Vac, Ma Pi Leng is the name of the most dangerous road in Vietnam, in the province of Ha Giang with a length of about 20 km.
The Happiness Road was built in six years (1959 – 1965) with over 2 million working days. The young men in the suicide team hang themselves on the cliffs invade each inch to do for 11 months.

Pai Lung steep winding with many bends sleeves before climbing Ma Pi Leng Pass, bringing a challenge to the riders. The dirt road between the mountainside, on high there are some houses on it. The pass winds through the cliffs, passing the peak Ma Pi Leng at altitude of nearly 2000 m.
Under the pass are deep alleys, the same river Nho Que green jade color, extending far from the headline two halves of the mountain.

Experiences of passing Ma Pi Leng pass

You can see more beautiful destination in Famous location

If you want to visit Ma Pi Leng Pass to see the beautiful scene here should refer to some experience. Four seasons in Ha Giang are beautiful. Beauty fascinated by nature, by people here. So, you can go to there at any time of the year.

However, from June to August is the summer, in Ha Giang always sunny is the right time to have beautiful pictures of the plateau, but over the pass in the summer can often encounter rain , the road is quite slippery. So you need to be careful about weather conditions before crossing over.

To reach the pass you can choose a variety of vehicles such as motorcycles, coach, bus … At the top of the pass you can see many beautiful natural scenery that you can’t see in anywhere.

In the spring, there is still a bit of the cold of winter so the air is still quite cold, in this season you can watch the forest peach, plum blossom. Beside that, you can enjoy delicious specialties with warm corn wine here.

When conquering the Ma Pi Leng, you will see terraced fields in the Northwest, the end of October until December, to see Tam Giac Mach (Buckwheat) flowers.

What to eat when passing this place?

In the pass there are many delicious dishes. Enjoy “thang den”, “thang co”, “au tau”, grilled moss, buffalo meat specialties, stewed pigs, sausages, corn wine … are delicious dishes that you can’t miss when conquering the pass.

Beside enjoying delicious food, you can learn more about souvenirs, specialties to bring as gifts to friends after each trip.

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