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Hmong Royal Palace – Sa Phin – Ha Giang

Hmong Royal Palace – Sa Phin – Ha Giang

Have you ever heard about Hmong Royal Palace? This is the residence of the king of the H’Mong ethnic group. It is located in a valley in Xa Phin commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province. Visit this place you will admire this unique construction. So let’s to know some experience travel to this place.

About palace of the Vuong family

Hmong Royal Palace is the ancient villa of King Vuong Chinh Duc, the only one recognized by the Ha Giang ethnic people as king of the H’Mong ethnic people in the beginning of the 20th century. It governs Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Meo Vac and Dong Van districts.

Built in 1919, completed in 1928, the entire mansion has an area of nearly 3,000 square meters, located on a high elevation like a turtle-shaped turtle in the middle of a valley surrounded by an arc-shaped mountain range. The section of the entrance to the mansion is sloping gently, paved with square marble flat. The two sides of the entrance are two hundred rows of tall, straight-cut saffron.

This is a special type of architecture and special ethnic minority people in Ha Giang. You can visit this place to learn more about the types of architecture here.

Is there any special thing about palace of the Vuong family?

The Vuong residence is a chic architectural style in the Qing Dynasty (China). In retrospect, Vuong Duc Chinh has spent a great deal of effort finding the valley to build the palace.

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Notably, in front of the door, outside, on the left side of the palace there are two tombs, one from Vuong Chi Sinh, the other from Vuong Chi Tinh’s mother. The tombs were built of stone, in the tomb of Vuong Chi Sinh’ mother was extremely refined pattern.
In the midst of a rocky plateau, when you enter the Wang dynasty, you will feel like a different world – a world of power and the art of wood architecture. Around the palace of the Vuong family is a lot of strange stories are passed down through generations. This is the main attraction that attracts many visitors to the special residence of the H’Mong people.

You should find out at the appropriate time to visit the palace of the Vuong family. Beside that you can combine with visiting some other attractions of Ha Giang.

What to eat when visiting the Vuong’s residence?

If you have the opportunity to visit the Palace of the Vuong family, so you shouldn’t overlook the enjoyment of delicious food in Ha Giang. Where the air is cold as in Ha Giang, people have to eat something very hot, very spicy to fight the cold air.

You can choose to eat spicy foods. Next to it is the specialties of the mountains such as: Egg Rolls, sticky rice with five colors, “thang co”, “men men”, grilled mash, Tam Giac Mach cake… These are the specialties of Ha Giang that we recommend to try once.
So let’s take a look at some of the information above to get a meaningful trip to northern Vietnam.

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