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Lung Khuy Cave – Quan Ba – Ha Giang

Lung Khuy Cave – Quan Ba – Ha Giang

The people in Ha Giang still pride themselves on the “first cave” of Lung Khuy – one of the precious gifts that nature has favored for this land. From the first steps to the Lung Khuy Cave, visitors will be amazed by the magnificent beauty, magic and splendor of the walls, cliffs and stalactites in the cave. To help you have a more fun and meaningful trip to Ha Giang, please refer to the following information.

About Lung Khuy cave

Lung Khuy Cave is the most beautiful cave in the rocky plateau, is a unique art masterpiece, sparkling, magical and wonders of nature and heritage contains many valuable geological. Lung Khuy Cave is located in the middle of the mountain, named after the village of the same name, Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province.

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The cave has the length of about 300 m, there are two gates in which each door is 1.5 m high and 1 m wide, arches are high and the cave is quite wide. Step slowly into the cave, you can explore the pristine stalactites are full of shapes, diverse colors with exotic, splendid, magical through the cliffs, unique stalactites.through the cliffs, jelly unique emulsion.

How to travel to Lung Khuy cave?

To travel to Lung Khuy, you need to choose appropriate transportation. You can choose to move to Ha Giang by car, by motorcycle as you like. Then move directly to this tourist destination to expore this beautiful cave.

Lung Khuy Cave is more than 300m long with many different branches, this is a very pristine cave with many magnificent stalactites, strange shapes stimulate the imagination of visitors. In order to visit this cave, tourists have to leave their cars under the people’s houses and walk on a land route longer than a kilometer around the mountain.
The walkway system is built with iron frames to help travelers easy to walk. As you go deeper into the cave, the stalactites have many different shapes, magically under the lights. Many stalactites with strange shapes stimulate the imagination of visitors. It is known that the stalactites of Lung Khuy caves were built after hundreds of years. With beautiful landscapes in the cave, the pristine beauty of Lung Khuy Cave is considered as the second most beautiful cave in Dong Van.

Enjoy the specialties of Ha Giang 

Coming to Ha Giang, you shouldn’t return immediately. You should spend some extra time enjoying the special delicacies here. Ha Giang is famous for some famous specialties such as: thang den, thang co, bamboo-tube rice, 7 colors sticky rice, grilled chicken, barbecue…
Eat delicious and enjoy a little corn wine will be the most memorable when you come to Ha Giang. You can also find some other specialties to buy as gifts to give friends after this trip. Some delicious specialties to make as gifts: forest honey, dried buffalo meat, grilled mash, Shan Tuyet ancient tea, corn wine… Hopefully you will have a more interesting trip after consulting through the information above.

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