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Ha Giang’s location is quite easy to spot on the map of Vietnam. Bordering China, Ha Giang is the northernmost province of Vietnam. Its rough mountainous characteristics combined with its distant location makes Ha Giang one of the poorest provinces in Vietnam. You can find people of different ethnic cultures living here, including the Viet, Tay, Dao and H’mong.

There are 4 districts in Ha Giang (Meo VacDong VanYen Minh and Lung Cu), all of which are now connected via a route called the Road of Happiness (I’ll tell you more about it later in this post). The distance between Hanoi to Ha Giang City center is around 300km. From Ha Giang City, you have to drive for another 160km to reach attractions in Dong Van and Meo Vac districts.

Travel to Ha Giang you will have some interesting experience:

Constantly feeling as if you were about to falllllll!

Can you imagine how it would feel to ride motorbike on these zigzag paths? How about the feeling of sitting behind a local driver’s back with your heart jumping constantly along with adrenaline increase? This is one of the seemingly scary roads leading to Ha Giang. Don’t be discouraged though, because the sceneries along these roads are very fantastic.

Reaching the northernmost point of Vietnam

Lung Cu Flag Tower is situated on top of the Dragon Mountain at the height of 1700m above sea level. It marks the northernmost point of Vietnam’s territory, overlooking China on the other side. Views from Lung Cu Flag Tower you can see landscape with mountains, rice terraced fields and valleys.

Talking to the local children in Ha giang!

Unlike ethnic minority children in Sapa, children in Ha Giang are still not accustomed to interacting with tourists. Here you won’t see children selling stuffs on the street or following tourists everywhere.

Take photo with many fields flower if you go to Ha Giang in September to November

The Tam Giac Mach season is coming, you can see the field flower in all the hills and the valleys. Trust me, you will have no feel regret to come here!

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