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iAdventurehagiang We think that in order to have the most honest experience about the pristine nature, endless mountain roads, the best means of transportation is probably motorbikes. Motorbikes are flexible transportation, which can take you to places with difficult roads that cars or buses can not do, on the way to move you are also very easy to stop simply Take a break or take a beautiful picture to capture those memorable moments. Ha Giang is the northernmost province of Vietnam with majestic pristine natural scenery, rolling hills or endless flower fields along with a diverse culture of ethnic minorities. With a team of experienced local guides, we are always ready to provide information and advice for your upcoming trips.

Coming to iAdventurehagiang, you can rent motorbikes and explore Ha Giang and neighboring provinces. If you are concerned about the roads, or do not know the information about famous places, you can also choose to hire one of our guides. Those who are experienced, knowledgeable local or more simply you can sit behind the guide and you can take the time to feel and explore the majestic scenery that nature bestowed.