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I am iadventure – I want to personally send greetings to you

Hello, I’m the moderator of iadventure, please call me simple Linh.

I was born and raised in Ha Giang, the land of nature, everything here is familiar with me.  Previously, I had the opportunity to go to many places in the territory of Vietnam, I really love my wonderful country.

I hope you have the time to go to the beautiful places in my country. That is really great, and if you are here “Ha Giang”. You will understand why I love my homeland so much, the scenery of nature and people here really can not express with words and photos can be taken. You have to live in it and feel all. That’s why I’m here to open the gates and help you explore this wonderful land. My family runs a hotel and a big homestay in Ha Giang city, we have a lot of motorcycles of all kinds, besides including the tour by motorcycle or car and information details for help you all the plan you wish to perform in Ha Giang. Please, keep reading, you will be tempted and you will find that you will not regret when arriving Hà Giang. I am looking forward to seeing your first reservations then i will respond immediately and are proud to open up to you one of the mysterious gems of Viet Nam.

Some information about Ha Giang province and city

Ha Giang is a province about 300 km north of Hanoi, the only way to get there is by bus or private car for 6 to 7 hours. This province is beginning of Vietnam, the terrain is surrounded by numerous mountains majestic and great. The province has the longest border with China and is one of the key provinces in maintaining security and defense in Vietnam. The province is home to 22 ethnic minorities such as Tay, Nung, Dao, H’Mong and Lo Lo …

And continue to go up the northern part of the province, you will be overwhelmed by the landscape of nature and especially the Ma Pi Leng Pass, which will break the limits of your mind.

Best Season for travel in Ha Giang

When you come to Ha Giang, you should choose before the time of year. January to March is the spring season, the season of Dao flowers, plum blossoms, misty clouds in the mountains create beautiful scenery. In Ha Giang, have two rice crops per year is May and September, the fields yellow, terraces on the mountains make the landscape an unprecedented, if you are wondering I recommend you come at this time to to experience the golden season in Ha Giang. From June to August, the rainy season in Ha Giang, the weather sometimes not really good for the trip, sometimes appears landslide on the main road leading to congestion, it’s time to think about coming to Ha Giang, but this time of the year, beautiful lakes will be filled with water and beautiful waterfalls will appear, will be incredible experiences and a few challenging on the road for the adventurous guests. and finally, especially from September to November, the season of festivals, a season of flowers very famous in Ha Giang, Tam Giac Mach flowers, this time if you coming to Ha Giang you will see in the local village , and on the slopes moutain firsthand the endless prairies of tiny flowers, pink and white. Best time in Ha Giang, great weather for the trip accompanied by a bit of cold air. You will not regret it when you come here, my friends.

How to get bus to Ha Giang

The easiest way to get to Ha Giang is to take a bus from My Dinh Bus Station, the biggest Northern Bus Station in Hanoi. There are plenty of options for departure times of the day (7am, 8am, 9am, 11am, 12pm, 13pm, 16pm, 20pm, 21pm). There are two main types of bus are sleeping bus at 200.000 vnd/1 per or limousine bus – VIP bus (depart only at 7:30 am or 16:00 pm) with ticket price 250.000 vnd/1 per. You can buy tickets directly at the bus station or you can ask for the help of the receptionist at the hotel you are staying in call the bus company and book the ticket, Please note that it may take a bit of your fee. On major holidays in Vietnam, it’s best to book a bus ticket early if you plan in advance, because really difficult to buy tickets and good seats in that time.

And when you contact us, it’s very easy for me to book your bus from Ha Noi to Ha Giang, or from Ha Giang to Ha Noi, Ha Long, Cat Ba island, Sa Pa – Lao Cai, … I have many good contacts to help you. So don’t worry about that, just come to us for support

Will I need a travel permit in Ha Giang?

When arriving in Ha Giang City, you will not need any permits. However, when making the loop and out of the city territory to the highland border districts such as Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac … to be allowed to sleep overnight in most hotels and avoid sudden inspection of the local police, you need to register the travel permit before the trip at the immigration office of Ha Giang city or receptionist at the city hotel will help you in the price from 230,000 to 250,000 VND per person.

Notes in moving by motorbike when making a Loop in Ha Giang

There are many ways to do the loop in Ha Giang, but I recommend you do it by motorcycle to really experience and feel completely about the natural scene and people here.

Traveling by motorbike is the way most travelers do, and really no one can complain about it after coming back from the loop. When coming to iAdventure, we will provide you with professional motorcycle services. We will advise you on the type of motorcycles that are right for you and have short, practical training guides for you to master the motorbike and get familiar with the terrain of the loop.

And we will ensure give to you helmet, armor protection of legs and hands.

If you can not drive a motorbike, we will provide a loop service with reliable local drivers and guides, just sit back on motorbike and enjoy the great scenery and safety absolutely for yourself. And you’ll be surprised at the places our guide know in the loop.

Commitments must be made by tourists:

– You must have a driver’s license if you want to drive your own motorcycle

– You will always have to wear a helmet when driving a motorcycle to protect yourself and to commit to do the traffic law in Viet Nam (pay special attention to traffic lights, and turn signals when you want to turn left or turn right)

– Ensure that the maximum speed is no more than 50km/h in the city and 40km/h in the loop when driving to ensure safety for themselves and good control of motorcycles.

What do you get when you join our tour?

We cover almost everything, except for personal insurance, snacks, souvenirs, alcohol, telephone bills and tips.

What to do on the classic loop of north Hà Giang?

Travelling north about 28km out of Hà Giang town on road QL4C, you will reach the gate of the Geopark. Then you will enter the Heaven’s Gate Pass, 3 km south of Tam Sơn town. Before reaching down to the town you will see the famed Quan Ba Twin Mountain or Fairy Bosom twin conical hills. Legend has it that a fairy, after a sad love affair, left her breast on earth which turned into the twin mountains. According to the legend, the milk from her breast created a suitable climate for fruits and vegetable to flourish. The tears of the fairy created a stream of water, now known as Mien River.

Around 10 km outside the town you have the Lung Khuy cave which is located at Lung Khuy village, Quan Ba commune. The cave is the biggest on the plateau and around 300 in length with many magnificent stalactites. There is a one-kilometer walk up to the cave from a local house where you can park your bike.

The next town you will pass is Yên Minh, 53 km (33 miles) from Tam Sơn. On the way, you will ride beside the Lô River, with mountains on both sides.  30 km (18 miles) from Yên Minh you have the H’Mong King Palace which was built by Vuong Chinh Duc, a H’Mong rich and powerful man in the 19th century. During the French colonization, Ha Giang was a kingdom of opium. H’Mong people in the region made their living by growing and selling opium to the Chinese. Taking a left at the junction will lead you to the Lũng Cú flagpole after some 25 km (15 miles). This monument comprises of a tower on top of a large conical hill surrounded by rice paddies and small villages. Lũng Cú mount is known as “a high forehead of the motherland” which marks the northern most point of our country.  From top of the tower, you can see the whole spectacular landscape of Northern Vietnam and also on a clear day you may even be able to see China.

Đồng Văn is the most northern town in Vietnam.  Above Đồng Văn town is Fort Pu Lo, an old French fort built during the 1890`s. East of Đồng Văn you will reach the spectacular Ma Pi Leng Pass (the horse nose). You don`t want to miss the Sunday flea markets at Đồng Văn and Mèo Vạc. The markets sells many authentic goods and local luxuries that can only be bought up here.

The necessary supplies you need to prepare for the trip to Ha Giang.

  • Raincoat (all seasons of the year, rainy season it will help you avoid the wet, winter it will help keep yourself warm when driving on the road)
  • Sunscreen or long sleeved shirt
  • Shoes or boots (you should never drive a motorcycle with a pair of sandals or slippers)
  • Multifunction charger (Telephone, camera, Go pro,…)
  • Personal medicine
  • Some emergency telephone number
  • Cash (in Ha Giang, you can withdraw money at cities and towns with ATMs, but I still recommend that you bring available a little money to prevent problems with ATMs, and most of the base Businesses here only use cash and say no to credit cards)

I think that is all the basic information necessary for you to have the best preparation when coming to Ha Giang. If you need anythings else, don’t worry, because we are here to support everything you need.

Thank you