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If you come to Ha Giang, never miss these beautiful places


Pho Bang village

Hidden behind towering rocky ridges, Pho Bang is said by many visitors to be a sleepy town or a forgotten town


Hoang Su Phi

Hoang Su Phi (Ha Giang) in September wears a yellow shirt with the smell of heaven and ground emanating from the vast terraced fields

nho que 1

Nho Que River

Located at the foot of the rugged mountains of Ha Giang, Nho Que river flows smoothly all year round between cliffs, forming a clear green border between Ma Pi Leng pass and Sam Pun road.


Yen Minh district

Yen Minh is a district of Ha Giang. This place brings the poetic beauty of the pine forest, sea of clouds, fresh air and friendly people


Hmong Royal Palace

This is an ideal tourist destination for exploring the architecture of houses of the Ha Giang ethnic people


Lung Khuy Cave

You can spend little time for discovery Lung Khuy cave when you arrive Quan Ba district.


Lung Cu flag tower

Lung Cu - Ha giang is the one of the most famous places in Ha Giang.


Ma Pi Leng pass

Believe me, you'll be feel amazing when enjoy the cool air & see the fantastic scene in here


Dong Van Old Quarter

Dong Van with more beautiful landscape is a place that any tourist coming to Ha Giang will come to explore.

Map of Ha Giang tour

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